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Re: Radiofrequency Ablation, Barrett's Esophagus & Insurance

Hello. I have also had Radiofrequency Ablation for Barrett's Esophagus. Did a stricture form in your wife's esophagus as a result of RFA?

E=paradiddle;3717909]My wife had Radiofrequency Ablation to treat her Barrett's Esophagus. She is 39 years old and her father died of esophogeal cancer in his 40's. That is one reason why the doctors chose to go with this treatment because of family history.

Now the insurance company told us that they consider this treatment "experimental" and would not pay for it. So we ended up paying out of pocket. They gave us a big sheet of paper describing why etc.

Has anyone out there had similar problem ?

She is doing fine and will be re-examined in a couple of weeks. Taking 2X dose of Aciphex as prescribed aslo.[/QUOTE]