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Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??

I have had anxiety my whole life that comes and goes. I think what you may not realize is when you get the anxiety, many times it depresses you and you may not realize that you are depressed. Depression can cause major fatigue and sleeping for long hours. I kept telling the doctor that I didn't feel depressed and I really didn't, it was because the anxiety was so overwhelming and I was concentrating soley on the anxiety. It's easy to slip into a depression when you have no relief from the anxiety.

I don't have any coping mechanism for anxiety. I tried medication and it made me feel worse. I have read allot books that teach you relaxation techniques. The key is to finding something to keep you busy and get your mind off of it and you will start to feel better. The more you dwell on it, the more it takes over your life.

Now 2 years ago when I caught the EBV virus, my anxiety came back with a vengence, over the past two years talking to others with EBV, it seems to be a consistent symptom of the virus. When I get a flare up, my anxiety comes back. I think it has an affect on the nervous system. Have you been checked for the Epstein barr virus? I would ask your doctor to check you. It can cause fatigue and anxiety. Good luck.