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My Recent PPH Surgery Experience

I had the PPH surgery on 27 August 2008. I went in with the expectation of some discomfort and that I'd be back at work in a week or so. I'm 50 with type 3 hems with prolapse. Had the conventional surgery 25 years ago. Surgeon was a colo-rectal specialist with an assistant surgeon as well "to avoid complications."

Surgery was uneventful, home three hours after it completed, some discomfort, taking torodol and percocet for pain. First 72 hours felt pretty good, as expected. After 72 hours, no more torodol (high risks after 72 hours), replaced with motrin. At that point, feeling of pressure, discomfort, horrible bowel movements began.

Surgeon responsive to phone calls, stated that I had "large hems and this kind of discomfort wasn't unusual." Of course, pre-surgery, surgeons push the ease of surgery, post, speak of pain as normal. Seventh, eighth day were pretty horrible, ten/twelve bms/day, not sure why, so most of time between toilet and bathtub to soak and recover from the pain of bms.

Obviously couldn't get back to work that week. Saw surgeon on day 10 for exam, she probed with a finger, too swollen for more. Told me I was pretty swollen, it would be painful, try to reduce the percocet (originally taking two every 4 hours, now 2 every six hours, less than two doesn't seem to take edge off the pain).

Now day 12, still lot of pressure, swelling. Feels like small hem poking out of anus, but could be swelling, not sure. Blood with each bm, some spotting. Latest symptom is this "oozing" of clear fluid, sometimes makes "wet spot" in underwear, almost like a "sweating", but it's always damp. Call into surgeon to see if it's a problem or normal, wasn't informed of this symptom.

I've read these boards, tried different stool softeners (colace, miralax), don't have hard stools, just painful.

So, am i the exception to the pph rule? I have more pain than I had been led to believe and my "down time" is longer than I thought. Is it worth it? Guess I'll know in a few weeks, when the pain subsides/goes away. But, my own conclusion at this point, is that surgery is surgery, painful, takes time to recover. I'm not one of the PPH miracles, one day of discomfort and advil and then back to life. It's worse than I thought, and hopefully I'll look back and be grateful. Happy to answer anybody's questions and love any feedback from anyone else who might have suggestions for me. It really sucks, this recovery process and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain (and pain meds, unfortunately).


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