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Pain not worse, but getting worn down by it

I have had on/off back pain for the past 4 years. I have had 2 surgeries and now am being told I might have permanent nerve damage which causes pain down my right buttocks and leg.

I am one to fight taking pain meds. I have spent the better part of this year in pain. I have realized I need a quality of life and have been taking my pain pills as directed by my PM doctor.

However, I am finding that I am not dealing with the pain as well as I had before. Even though right now my pain is not as severe as it has been, it is still this deep ache that NEVER goes away. I am just so sick of being in pain. This is why I have started taking my pain meds regularly. I just am soooooo tired of being in pain.

I used to be able to go all day without taking a pain pill and know that lying down at bedtime would help with the pain. Today I was cooking dinner and just couldn't take the ache and took my 2nd pain pill of the day (as prescribed). The pain wasn't unbearable, it was just that I had been worn down from the ache all day. And then I know tomorrow I will wake up and the ache will start all over again. It is a constant fight....ache vs. the pain pills. I feel like I am losing the war.

Is this a normal part of dealing with pain? Do people just get worn down from the pain every day? I am meeting with my PM doctor and will bring this up. I also want to talk to a psychologist.


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