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Please friend needs help bad, worried

Hello everyone, I am new to this board but use several others. Usually the PM board, so this is pretty Ironic. I have a friend who called me today & admitted to being an addict of oxy, at the present she are attempting to detox. I believe she is on the third maybe fourth day. I am worried about several things. She has not been out of bed for a few days, really not eating & just sleeping. She said she feels awful & is doing her best to just get through.
I am a pain management patient & despise taking meds at all & have a healthy respect & fear, I am not sure if that is why she confided in my but I have to try to help. Of course I thought about my meds, which I keep under lock & key & hidden.
Since I have never faced any problem like this I am not sure how to help. I am hoping she is past the worst part but I am not sure.
I have asked her to seek help but she said she wont do so & dont ever want to go through this again so is staying far away from all of this, which is good but I am still worried sick.
Any advice? I am going to try to encourage her to come on this board for herself but not sure if she will do so. I cant abandon her & wont, I just want to be able to help her the best I can. She says this has only been the last several months & I believe her because that is when I noticed changes in her & to be honest I knew something was wrong & had my suspicions. Although I am shocked she confided this to me, I am pretty conservative at the same time I do not judge others.
I want to make sure I do everything I can to help her & am worried sick. I know she is depressed & am going to try to talk her into getting help for depression. I am abit out of my element here, I know abit about addiction & abuse not enough to know exactly what is normal for someone to go through in a case like this. So please I will welcome any advice I can get. Thanks in advance for any of your time. Sammy

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