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Re: mom with uterine cancer

Originally Posted by calidreaming View Post
hi all,

my mom just found out less than a week ago. that cancerous cells were found in the lining of her uteris. she was diagnosed with endometriosis a few months ago, and at that time she did NOT have the cells.

the dr. says they are stage 3 cells. she is getting surgery on tuesday to have her uterus taken out and ovaries. and if there are other damaged tissues they are going to take biopsy or take out.

i am so worried. and so stressed out. my grandma died 5 years ago from cancer. and my maternal aunt has lung cancer. and now this! my mom also has congestive heart failure/sleep apnea. needless to say i am horrified for this surgery.

How does this type of cancer progress? i have anxiety as it is, and all of this lately is just sending me to a panic mode! is prognosis usually good if the cancer is not in any other tissues? she did not have the cells three months ago.

Hello... my mother was diagnosed and had a D&C performed on 9-5-2008.

Could tell me what the doctor told your mother about this cancer?? I can't seem to find out what I'm looking for.

I fear that my mom waited so long that she'll have stage IV. I'm wondering about the accuracy of the 5 year survial rate being only 5% .

Stephanie in Staunton VA