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Epilepsy and donating blood?

I used to like donating blood when I was in high school because it's such an easy way to help other people. But then after I started on anti-seizure meds, I was going to donate blood again, but didn't think of this until I got to the donation place- about my medication and whether it was something they wouldn't want in donated blood. So when I went up to fill out the paperwork and see the nurse, I asked about it, and her concern was actually that it would be dangerous for me because my medication levels would drop and I would be at a higher risk of having a seizure. So I didn't donate that time.
This was a number of years ago, and I'm always bummed out when I hear about a blood drive and I know I can't donate blood.
But I've been thinking about it, and does anyone know if this is true? I mean, you would think the amount of meds leaving your bloodstream is proportionate to the amount of blood leaving your bloodstream, and then by the time your body regenerates more blood, you've probably taken your next dose of meds anyway.

Also, I recently had five vials of blood drawn for testing of my different meds, and other things, and that seems like A LOT of blood. And that didn't affect me at all.

So, does anyone know about this?


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