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Re: Please friend needs help bad, worried

This is hard. I dont know how to tell if she is back to using this again like you would an alcholic, you know? Because she is family I have to help her & she is needing guidance, young. I am really afraid for her & feel out of my element here. She spent several days just laying in bed & miserable & know up & going. She is currently with me now & before you say anything my meds are under lock & key. What a mess.
Marica I know what your saying & I have already thought about it. At the present its good that I am able to work some or I would be so consumed that it would not be what I need now. because she is younger & has struggled I worry she will go back & just pick it up again. She lost her job & everything & I just want to be able to tell she is not doing this agian.
Any clues?

I dont know why she wont seek help, I guess alot of people want to try on their own. After what she went through you would think she would not attempt it again but I have seen alcholics do the same & I have to assume its much the same.
There are rules here, no using anything, but how would I know?
Its hard to understand for me because I wont to be able to just go without my meds & cant, she said its different when your in pain. I am angry at her on one hand because of what I have had to go through just to treat my pain & someone is just getting a hold of something that in the past us CPers have had to "beg" for, just to live. I have to seperate that from trying to help her.

I am giving her a chance here & I better learn quick, so any other advice?
Thanks so much for your time. Sammy