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Please don't tell me I am depressed if you are unsure...

So latley I have been thinking maybe I really am actaully depressed.
I am unmotivated, uninspired, dis interested in most everything..and I have thought for along time that it is just what happens as you grow older and become dis-enchanted about life... but how long do you have to live life(which seems extremely long) feeling unsatisfied? At first I thought it was my career choice..and then I thought maybe I needed to have a baby..then I thought maybe I should move? get a new hobby? quit drinking alcohol..I mean how many different way can I come up with to feel relief from feeling unsatisfied when nothing has really helped me more then for a little while?? Is tha thow life is?
I don't want to got some doctor, only to have them put me on medication...I don't want to take medication at all...I have an addictive personality. I recently quit drinking and do not want to pick up another crutch to replace one I just got rid of....

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