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Re: Sleep Paralysis Advice

I know this is a late reply but I just got home from a sleep clinic today and reading that others have the same thing is a little more comforting. The whole not being able to breath thing is exactly what scares me. I am 33 now, and this has been going on all my life, When I explained all this to my wife she didn't believe me. I could tell her whole conversations she had while she thought I was sleeping. It is so hard not to panic whe you have to concentrate on breathing. I have tried to wiggle fingers, toes, move my hand inch by inch, I get nothing. What I've found out is that it's a safety machanism your body has to keep you from walking in your sleep. Since we (narcoleptics) fall into REM sleep very quickly we are awake when our brain fires the receptors to cause paralysis. Most people are asleep when this happens or the affects are worn off by the time they wake up. Just try to stay calm, you aren't alone. It's nice to know I'm not.