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Re: What Emotions are you dealing with?

Wow, Finding This Health Board A Couple Of Days Ago Has Changed My Life!! I No Longer Feel So Very Alone. I Also Feel Frustration At The Every Day " Use-to-coulds". I Was The Caretaker Of My Family. The One To Jump Up To Anwser The Door, Grab The Phone, Fill An Empty Milk Glass,let The Dog In, Let The Dog Out. Everything! I Hate Hate Hate Hate Needing Help. I Feel My Youngest Son Got Cheated. He Is Now 12 And Doesn't Have The Same Mom His Older Brothers Had At That Age. I Taught Them To Ski, Ran And Played With Them,hiked,camped,traveled, Parasailed, We Would Go To The Park On A Whim. Not So With My Youngest As This Lgmd Thing Is Fairly New For Me (2+ Years Diagnosed) . Also 2 Of My 5 Sons Are Biological So Run The Risk I Have Passed This On To Them As My Father Did To Me. That Is My Biggest Fear And The Reason I Try To Hide My Frustration And Pain From My Boys. I Don't Want To Scare Or Worry Them.

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