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Re: Rash on my Bum...

Well think about when did this rash start?...when you started wearing thongs? It sounds like the thong has created an atmosphere of friction/sweat which caused a rash and with continued wearing of the thong has now developed into a secondary infection. And of course what is that thong laundered in or does it get a really good cleaning? If you are wearing a thong to eliminated a pantie line then just not wearing any underwear is better than a thong that is rubbing on delicate skin. You may now need a couple of things to happen. Stop wearing Thongs for awhile and then you need to wash that area at least twice a day with nice soapy water and rinse and then apply a topical antibiotic that you can buy over the counter. If it doesn't clear up in a week then you may need to go see a doctor for a more aggressive treatment of an oral antibiotic.