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help me diagnose dry, flaky, peely skin on tip of penis.

hey all.

i have been dealing with this issue (on and off) for quite a while now, beginning around october/november of 07. here are my symptoms:

if you were to look at the underside of my penis, at the tip, just below the opening - i have a small narrow patch of skin that has been dry and flaky. the skin "hardens" to the point where it will crack and scale off (sort of like sunburnt skin). if the dry, flaky skin is peeled off it reveals a shiny, very smooth, noticeably red patch of skin. skin that is much more red, with a much different texture than the surrounding pink healthy skin.

note, this issue has never cause any bleeding. although, if a flake is peeled off it may take with it a piece of healthy skin (like if you peel lose skin near your fingernails).

the issue has cleared itself for a few weeks at a time. other times it is worse for no particular reason.

i practice safe sex, and it would be hard to believe i contracted this from a sexual encounter. but anything is possible i guess.

as of late i have been treating it with cortisone cream, which seems to have helped (although obviously not cure). lotions do not do much, nor does neosporin.

what do you all think?

thanks for looking!

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