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Re: Rash on my Bum...

Mmm I was doing some research on the internet and I noted some other symptoms people had.. and I realized that while I sit for long periods of time ex) School, and say dinner and movies.. I realized that my body produces sweat so I figure that this rash could be from too much moisture in one area and then like you said wearing a thong just irritates it more. I've had the rash for maybe just over 2.5 weeks.. at the beginning I didn't really notice it, the area was a little irritated but I though nothing of it.. until it became more and more irritated and here I am not really sure about what to do about it. Thank you though for your suggestion I'll probably just do what you said and stop wearing thongs for a while just to keep the irritation to a minimal and then try to keep it nice and clean. Thank you!

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