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Question Fatty Liver

I had an ultrasound done of the female area because of some cysts. My doctor also wanted me to have an ultra sound done of my stomach because in the MRI that was performed they said there was an uncharterized cyst on my kidney and he said he wanted to make sure he wasn't missing anything.

Turns out that I had two cysts, one on both ovaries..nothing major, just keep an eye on them. No cyst on my kidney.

However, my doctor called me this week on Thursday and wanted me to come in. He wanted to discuss the ultrasound of my stomach/abdomen. First he jokes and says, "You're pregnant"!. I about feel out of my chair, said, well, that would be immacuate conception.

I think he was trying to lighten the moment.

He says first I have to ask you, do you drink? Thank God my daughter was there with me. I said not a drop. I don't drink...well, let's put it his way, maybe once a year, if that.

He said my ultrasound came back and it say fatty liver with an enlarged spleen. He was waiting for some doctor who was on vacation to discuss the spleen thing. He wanted me to go have a mirage of blood work done. I'm going to do that this up coming week. I know enough not to worry before you get the final results. However, I know you can live wo a spleen..and you cannot live wo your liver. So I am a bit worried.

I know the blood work can show if I have High Cholesterol and other things he will need to know. I told him I've been told in the past that my bad cholesterol was good but my good cholesterol is bad...and that has not been always.

It could been medications I've been on for years.

Anybody have this situation? And someone please tell me what I can expect from the best to the worst case scenerio.


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