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Re: Old timer here, severe head pain

Originally Posted by luvtocamp View Post
HI-I'm going through all the head pain and cerivical yours are and I am seeing a tmj dentist. Do any of you think some of your symptoms may be related to tmj which causes neck pain and headaches. Its kinda funny reading the tmj board and neck board because so many of us have the same symptoms. I also have bulges and ddd of the neck and osteophytes, but they think most of my pain is from the tmj.
Recently I read an article about something a dentist invented to stop TMJ/"Migraine" headaches. I all ready have some plactice TMJ retainer like product that I've been wearing at night since 2000/01. I cannot say with that it has help the jaw pain, just stopped me from grinding teeth. When the neck/head pain began after double-fusion cervical fusion (see previous post), my surgeon thought TMJ was the cause. I traveled to UCLA Dental School and they conducted this and that test to see if I had TMJ, or should say, could cause/reproduce the pain(s) complainned of. They couldn't. Yet, the x-ray taken of my jaw joint showed that I have TMJ. As well, I have known since a young teen that I have TMJ--just not serious. The rub was that the head dentist at school looked at x-ray and said he doesn't believe in TMJ. And that was that.

I've spoken to other dentist whom disagree with him. One of them quit his job to find another dental practice to work for/run because the owner/operator didn't believe in TMJ.

I wish it was just a case of TMJ causing the severe neck/head pain, but have yet to seen proof of it in my case. The pain begins in back of my neck, not in my jaw. Still, I'm now going to seek a TMJ specialist locally and discuss what he thinks. I'm not saying that TMJ is causing folks "migrains"--that is what the article I read about this new mouth piece suggested--but I, and others here don't have migrains, unless the term is just being use generacally to desribe headache pain.

I am going to update the original poster of this thread regarding my recent botox injections and how it made the jaw pain worse for first few days. I wouldn't be suprised to learn that TMJ, stretch muscles from surgery, and lost of natural curve of spine, metal in neck, etc, are working together to cause these horrific suicidal causing neck/head pains.