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Re: How long for biopsy results? Lots of odd moles

Results usually take 1 - 2 weeks, depending on the doctor and lab. When I was diagnosed, my doctor called me right away with the news and I would say it was about a week.

They cut the mole out and stitched it wtih two stitches. Does that signal they are very concerned about it?

That is just basically a typical punch or scoop biopsy. I would just think that you have a good doctor who does things right. Punch biopsy is the best way to do a biopsy. Any mole that changes should be evaluated - possibly biopsied. Even in that case - sometimes they are atypical. In that case, the doctor will usually give you the option to remove or to leave and watch. Atypical does NOT mean that it will turn into melanoma, it just means that there is a possibility that it COULD turn into melanoma one day.

Also - black doesn't necessarily mean bad unless it was a different color to begin with. Or the shape changed.

I hope all turns out well. Keep us posted.