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Question electric shocks = occipital neuralgia?

for the past few days i have been having very painful episodes where i get what feel like short, but intense electric shocks at the back of my head (the left side at the base of the skull). it began at the end of a 3-hour drive. i have the tendency to lean forward while driving (concentration), so my initial thought was the pain is related to this. however, positional changes rarely (if at all) trigger these episodes. they really come on out of the blue, even when sitting perfectly still.

when i read the symptoms of occipital neuralgia, it really sounds familiar. it's definitely in that area. unfortunately, my attempt yesterday to have a doctor check it out failed miserably (this was before i discovered what ON was). i will spare everyone the gory details of this visit.

anyhow, i'm very concerned about these sensations i'm feeling at the back of my head. it is very painful and unpredictable. i have a few meds on hand that i plan to try to see if they help (naproxyn 500mg, flexiril 10mg).

of course, i appreciate a response from anyone, but i'm especially interested in hearing from people who have suffered with ON and what their early symptoms presented as.

right now, i'm sort of at a loss as to what my next step should be. it all just feels like very bad nightmare...

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