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Re: Brain fog, dizziness, fullness in ears, pressure behind eyes, things moving: Base

thanks for posting

I would agree with your disagreement, as they told me I had post concusive syndrome and that I would have to live with it 25 years ago, however what i meant is that taking drugs to fix this "disorder" doesn't neccessarily "fix" the disorder. This disorder has some "physical" dysfunction or abnormality or a dysfunction of some sort that results in a change in a chemical reation within the body. Meaning this, while some may find treatment for the pain and dizzyness, many haven't yet found a true diagnosis of what the true underlying issue is. Blanketing nearly everyone with these similar symptoms with a broad diagnosis and telling them this is what they have may limit them in looking for what the true underlying disorder is. The MEEI doc I spoke to agreed that this is a diagnosis that is awaiting more results for proper diagnosis of whats really wrong it may still be spine related (which I am testing for), a vitamin deficency (b-12 for example), a sinus complication, etc.

In short thats why we need to stick together as Docs do make good calls and bad calls, and sometimes people stop looking for the actual root of the problem.

So I am glad that the meds did help you out, but what are they doing in order to help you out, how are they effecting your body? what are they changing in your bodies functioning? Thats the actual problem, many docs don't know and I don't blame em all, the human body is a tough thing to fix, but drugs change how are bodies function, if we can all think together at which ones actually work, for certain individuals, we can find an answer for each of us.

The biggest symptom I haven't seen any med tackle for anyone thus far who has the symptoms 24/7 is the visual/brain fog issues. If there has been one that does let us all know Because this is the symtom that cripples us.

I thank you again for your post, PLEASE let me know if anything STOPS 24/7 brain fog, visual symptoms, etc. as there is a lot of meds that help other aspects out but not the most crucial

I can't get lower then about an 8 in many categories and I have been on a lot of meds...

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