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Re: Brain fog, dizziness, fullness in ears, pressure behind eyes, things moving: Base

Thanks for explaining that further. From what I am gathering, is that migraine has something to do with seratonin in our body. And I have learned that seratonin, or alot of it, is in the gut..... Anyway, I am on 3 preventatives, 1 of them is really for my elevated bp, but is a preventative as well. It has taken many months to feel the way I do now. I began Nortriptalyne at 25 mg on Nov. 30 and worked up to 75mg where I am now. My doc says the verapamil (prescribed for my bp) "quiets the storm" of migraine. I am on 360 mg. and then we added in the effexor, in March. I know my seratonin was really low because I was sooooo depressed with this illness, but I was slightly depressed for awhile prior with some very difficult life issues to deal with...then as my sx grew worse....well I was desperate to do anything to feel better. I am thinking that I read that migraine is due to inflammation in the vessels in our head ...I also read that gaining weight or being heavy can make migraine worse, due to the inflammation. I also had sx 24/7 and I really don't have the brain fog anymore either. Actually I think my brain fog might still be here, because I am not sure this message is making any sense!!!! I think I'll stop while I'm ahead!!!

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