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Re: Persistent Yeast that is resistant to drugs

I have been treating him. We havent had sex for a couple weeks and now the burning is back. Came back yesterday. I can't win. I have been tested for everything under the sun, all negative. Treated myself with a gynazole at the end of August, was clear for only 10 days. Used a garlic clove two weeks ago, that kept me clear for almost two weeks. Now the awful burn is back. And I went through this last summer where I had yeast for almost 4 months. Nothing worked (monistat, diflucan, nizoral, itraconazole, terazol, nystatin, boric acid helped but did not cure it). After taking gynazole 1 last Oct. I was clear for 11 months. Now its back. Could I already be resistant to gynazole? I've only used it twice! I eat very little sugar or alcohol. Just went off the birth control pill right after this last yeast infection. And no antibiotics in a year and a half (even though before that I was on a long course for my skin which of course is what kicked this off). I don't know what to do now! Any suggestions?