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Re: Glabrata yeast

I have been dealing with what seems like a yeast infection for 4 years straight. I have been to a few doctors, 2 gynos and a dermatologist all say I do not have a yeast infection ( I have been tested and still treated with yeast infection stuff and nothing works) I have given up on the doctors and their prescriptions (I have been prescribed hundreds of dollars worth of prescriptions but yet they dont know what is wrong)

I think it is yeast (I really want to see a naturalpath but cant afford to right now) the more I read about Candida, the more sure I am that it is a yeast infection. I dont think any of the prescription meds help because they are only helping the symptoms (well not for me) and not the problem. I have put myself on an anti yeast diet and I have started taking probiotics and oil of oregano ( I would like to interchange this with grapefruit extract...when I get a chance to buy some) I have also just done the garlic clove and saw results right I think I just have to clear it out of my body and keep it out by not going back to my same eating habits, I also had two pregnancys close together and gestational diabetes with one add years of birthcontrol and bad eating and its no wonder I felt so crappy.

I would just suggest doing a search for yeast overgrowth and see how that relates to you.