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Re: Glabrata yeast

Firstly, has your boyfriend been tested? Some males can have certain types of bacteria growing in the urethral opening and only a gram stain (sp?) test can check whether there is any bacterial growth living there which could be affecting you. Bacteria can grow there on a male and yet there wont be any visual symptoms.

Secondly, treating constant yeast infections vaginally is like applying a bandaid. Back in 1998 i had constant yeast infections which i thought had been cured. Each time i'd have sex with my husband it was so uncomfortable and would burn. I'd be in tears from the pain.

No doctors would help me. They kept telling me to use creams, pessaries etc vaginally, but it never worked for long. It was driving me insane. A friend of our family then told us about an alternate doctor and i went to see him. He tested me and found i had a candida overgrowth in my stomach. He put me on probiotics, good brand of multivitamin and banned certain foods/drinks from my diet for a month. I wasn't allowed any alcohol, no grapes or melon, no sugar in any form, no yeast, no wheat, no dairy, no coffee. The yeast had to be starved and killed off in the gut. That cured me forever and i've never looked back. These days i'll only take antibiotics if i'm on my deathbed and i always take probiotics while i'm on the antibiotics. Sometimes i even take a course of probiotics even if i'm not on antibiotics. Just make sure you take probiotics on an empty stomach and wait at least half an hour before eating so they have time to do their job.