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can anybody help me understand these results


I had an initial herpes test 2 weeks after a very dubious sexual encounter. I had a positive result for the test HSV 1/2 IGM (above 1:20)

I got re-tested again 4 months later. My doctor says that these results are positive but i dont undertand it very well.
These are the results from the last test (4 months after the close encounter)

HSV 1/2 IGG, herpes select
Type specific AB
Herpes simplex type 1: 0.30 EIA
Herpes simplex type 2: 0.15 EIA

< 0.90: negative
0.90 - 1.10: equivocal
> 1.10: positive

HSV 1/2 IGM AB, IFA (serum)
- HSV 1 IGM, IFA 1:40
- HSV 2 IGM, IFA 1:40

< 1:20 antibody not detected
> or = 1:20 antibody detected

based on what he says the test detected antibodies 1 and 2 in my blood sample.

Can anybody comment on these results?

PS: I havent had any blister so far. I have been having disconfort in my glan and penis, and red scrotum for 5 months already (not as outbreak but as something permanent). The dermatologist said that it could be a yeast infection and prescribed Nystatin cream, but i have my doubts about these herpes tests and the positive

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