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One sided swallowing difficulties? anyone?

I have not been officially diagnosed yet, in fact, I have been diagnosed with about everything else, lol. My first MRI last year showed "non-specific white matter disease" and from there we ran all kinds of tests for everything from lyme to lupus. I also have a 4mm pituitary tumor, so we have been blaming lots on that, I am going to post another question in another thread relating to cortisol levels.

Anyway, now my current MRI's are showing advancing white matter disease and some lesions, although no one wants to commit that it's MS. I have tons of the symptoms, but they are mild and nonspecific, so up to now everyone has been diagnosing adrenal problems, CFS, and fibromyalgia.

But right now, one of my most annoying symptoms is the inability to swallow on the left side. I have had this for about 2 years, it is always there, but comes and goes with severity. It's gotten to the point that I have to roll over at night to swallow, tilt my head, and have given up spicey foods, tried stuff for GERD. My ENT said that when he looks with the scope, he can see swelling and redness and would expect it to be very sore, which it is not, I usually have no pain, unless something 'scrapes' the sides. My barium swallow showed no anatomical problem, but did show the pill getting caught right around my collarbone, which is where I sometimes feel food getting stuck.

The area in my throat is right below the base of my neck, it feels like something is there blocking the way, it's terribly annoying, i am reminded of it every single time I swallow. I automatically chew on the opposite side and feel like i have to drink alot to swallow my saliva. Sometimes at night, i wake up and have drooled.

I also have to drink lots of water to take my pills. No more just working up some spit and swallowing like I have done in the past, i can feel the pill stick and have to drink several times sometimes.

i am wondering if others have had just one side that causes swallowing problems. Everything I have seen or read talks about dysphagia for the whole throat.

Also, maybe a concidence, but it is my left side that causes all kinds of problems, my headaches are on the left, my chronic upper back/shoulder pain is on the left, it seems like most of my pain and problems are all on my left?

thanks, I am happy to have found this board, I am a nurse and I find it very frustrating to visit doctor after doctor and have no help.

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