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Originally Posted by swoosh View Post
On my right side furthest to the back I have had problems with this tooth for 2 years now. Its not my wisdom, I had those pulled already but the next closes one, probaly a molar. Back in April it became loose and the one root slightly came off, lifting the one side of the tooth up and whenever I bit down the root was driving down like a knife right into the nerve because it was going back into place. Lets just say a very painful 2 weeks. In May the tooth became loose to the point where I got sick of that pain I just went in the bathroom and pulled it out with my hands. It took about 10 min of twisting and turning but wasnt as painful as it sounds. It was already loose remember. Now Im happy its out and everything is fine. Fast forward.......

Now its Sept and up until this point I havent had any issues with it. For the past week or so my right side of my gum has bulged out like a fat lip. Its not in the middle nor far left, its just on the right side. I have no idea what this could be and what is causing this. Im thinking possibly theres two roots in your gum and when I pulled it out only one came out. I dont know though. Any experts in the dental field here can give me some advice.


I don't understand exactly what you mean. [removed] All I can tell you is that if it was a molar tooth you pulled out then a few things could have happened.

1) a molar has 3 roots you could have left one or more behind if you have this will cause an infection and will need to be removed professionally.

2) You have got a gum abcess as a result of moving the tooth if you smoke the likelyhood of this is greatly increased.

3) in taking out the tooth it is possibe that a shard of bone has come loose and its working it way to the surface (this is very common) either way your going to need professional help.

Hope this answers some questions!

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