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Ok...Big update on GTT/Insulin Level!'s my update: (from the thread "I feel like I've lost the battle") I thought I'd start a new one...I had the GTT done (2 hour) and an insulin level. When they drew my 2hr, I did a finger test at the exact same time. I got 153. When I went in this morning my actual lab results showed a 2hr of 105!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My insulin level was 3.1. According to the doctor, there is NO trace of diabetes or pre-diabetes. She said she thinks my meter has been off, resulting in higher sugars, probably stressing me out, which it was. I didn't understand why I was lowering carbs and still seeing highs. She gave me a new meter. She will test my A1C in 6 months. When I asked why my A1C keeps rising she said that it could either be stress...which, yes, I've had. I work in child protection (HIGHLY stessful job), I am a single mom and I was very concerned about these supposed high sugars, or that my body is not getting enough carbs and that it was pulling glucose from the liver or the muscles (I've had constant muscle spasms for almost 2 yrs now with no indication of neuromuscular disease of any sort.) Which would also explain the weight loss. She advised me to kick up the carbs and test again with the new meter and an A1C in 6 mos. I mentioned the LADA but she didn't seem like she thought that was the case. I have been struggling with sugar problems for at least 9 yrs. I had a fasting on labwork 9 yrs ago of 113. My fasting is now 85. So, I wouldn't think it would take this long. Can you offer some opinions? Is this too good to be true or does it sound right?????

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