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Re: Ok...Big update on GTT/Insulin Level!

Originally Posted by lilbit1973 View Post
Thanks!!! I am absolutely elated. Beleive me though, I will continue with the healthy lifestyle as I do not want it to come back. I'm not totally off the hook. Is it possible for a meter to be running that much different???? If so, why?
Well, you have a new meter and you probably still have the old, compare them.

The test they do taking blood from your arm is different. One is venous, the other capillary blood. There is a difference. There is something else about plasma or whole blood. Meters are calibrated different. There is also a delay between in the blood in your veins and the capillaries of your finger. When levels are going down, the finger will be higher. That's why they say no to measure on your forearm is your levels are going up or down quickly. I have a link to a site in Europe, but I can't post it.

My accucheck is bang on whatever the test results come back with.

If I were you, I'd relax, eat a bit more carbs and a bit more fat, put on some weight and stay away from the meter a bit. You know your body is not in a state of mess. The old pancreas is pumping out insulin. Then in a few months, measure a few times. I don't know about you but just the measuring thing stressed me.

One thing I did once was measure, but not look at the result. I woud note when, what I ate, measure, but not look at the result. I would do this 20 or so times, then, a week or two later, look back at the results (my meter stored them by date and time). This way the odd bad result would not freak me out. I got used to getting the odd bad result, now when I do, I don't freak out.

You are going to come back and visit us now and then aren't you ? :-)