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Re: Biofreeze for sciatica?

Hi, If you have nerve compression, then Biofreeze will not help that, maybe an anti-inflammatory might help, but even that is a maybe. Biofreeze is more for muscle aches and pains (and it is very good for that)..the only way to help is to relieve or get rid of what is causing the compression. For some, anti-inflammatories, painkillers, or nerve meds might help. In my own personal experience, i've found that narcotic painkillers do not even help my sciatic pain. But luckily, steroids do help me for a few weeks, anyway. Even though many of these things don't work for me, I have tried just about everything in desperation. Biofreeze does cause somewhat of a distraction and soothing on muscle pains and has helped distract sometimes when I have mild muscle spasms, though. And of course it probably depends on the level of pain one has, and for how long.

No matter what, I do hope that your pain subsides soon! Are you currently seeing a doctor? If so, what are they telling you about your diagnoses?