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Re: Allergic reaction and Hashi's

Hi Ole 53,

I can really relate to your experience because my youngest son has had a peanut allergy since he was 3 yrs old.

Asthma for Dummies has a good section on food allergies, but the best book on the subject is an old classic "Food Allergies." I can't find it at the moment but will run across it I'm sure as I clean my house- my grandchildren were here for 5 days .

Peanuts belong in the Legume family so you must educate yourself about the other foods in this group. You may or may not have trouble with these other foods. Even Licorce is in this group.

Peanut oil or butter in put in many food dishes even Chili. I could write a book on the subject of peanut allergies. This allergy can be fatal so you must learn all you can about it. My son had his worst reaction to beans put in a Taco pizza. Beans of course are in the Legume family.

I don't know about allergies & Haschi's.

I got 20 yellow jacket stings two yrs ago-very painful. A researcher in Ohio is working on a vaccine for yellow jacket allergic reactions. My husband had a bad reaction this summer to 2 stings.

I don't know if you had a delayed reaction. But I do know that when one has more than one allergen to contend with, the probability of a major reaction is increased.

I would be glad to answer any questions. If I forget or can't find your post just keep reminding me. This board goes so fast that I get lost in the shuffle sometimes. My US is on Wed so who knows what kind of results I'm going to get. Plus my other daughter had a biospy on her nodules so we are awaiting the results. Fam