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Re: vestibular hypofunction/BPPV

Three years ago I woke up and experienced vertigo, felt like I was going to fall over, ended up laying back down and the room was spinning. I ended up very sick that morning and for about 4 months following, I had severe episodes of dizziness and room spinning. I have not been able to sleep on my right side since and immediately feel dizzy and nauseous if I do. I sleep elevated, so much that I often have headaches and have to visit the chiropractor. Both of my ears have been ringing since this happened 3 years ago.

I went to an ENT specialist, had a hearing test, MRI and a couple years later was finally referred to a physical therapist. She diagnosed me with Vestibular Hypofunction or BPPV, treated me with the Epley maneuver and sent me home with physical therapy exercises. These exercises are meant to make you dizzy - eye/head movement exercises (kinda similar to lifting weights to build muscle) - they are to train the brain to work with the parts of the ear I guess. I think the time frame for them, to expect improvement is 4-6 weeks, exercises each day, sometimes twice a day.

The other day I had another episode of vertigo and am now unable to sleep on my left side as I am immediately dizzy and the room is spinning. Therefore, I am only able to sleep on my back, with 3 or 4 pillows to keep me elevated, otherwise I feel like I'm falling backwards. My ears still ring constantly.

Please help...

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