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Re: Allergic reaction and Hashi's

The three foods most likely to cause a severe or fatal food reaction are: nuts, shellfish, & peanuts. The type of reaction is anaphylactic shock.

Coping with Food Allergy by Claude A. Frazier, MD (1974 & 79) is the best book on food allergy among my many articles & books on the subject.

The legume family consists mainly of different types of beans, peas including soybeans. Also there are many additives with strange names as well as licorice, carob, green beans. Let me know if you need the list of additives. My son just had trouble with the beans & peanuts products with that food allergy although he had other food allergies that developed later. Two of my other kids have food allergies to chicken, fish. I had a horrible reaction to zucchine. Fam