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Re: Internal & External Anal Sphincter Muscle and Obstructive Defecation

Originally Posted by emily42 View Post
Please help me with either information or support. My problem is my second pregnancy, my daughter weighed 10 pounds and was delivered vaginally with the use of forceps (extremely long induced labor too). It was a botched delivery procedure (should have had a c section) and was left with a gaping vaginal entry. I sought out another doctor who did a repair episiotomy and sphincter muscle repair (since I was also having some incontinence). I was told at that time that my sphincter muscle have been so thinned out by the delivery that there was very little that she could do with it and she did not know if she helped me there or not. Well she did help me for 10 years with the incontinence issue, but in hind sight the repair episiotomy probably weakened my pelvic floor muscles. It is now 10 years later and I have zero internal and external sphincter muscle left (been told by manual exam by proctologist) and I now have Obstructive Defecation. I feel like poop is stuck inside my butt and I cannot push it out. When I do get some out it is pencil thin and I have uncontrollable rotten smelling gas (because poop is stuck inside me). I also am never able to get my bottom clean no matter how much wiping I do or how many wet wipes I use. Fiber and laxatives do not really help. My proctologist tells me just to try to manage the situation because there are no good surgery options. I do not want to have a poopy butt and underwear and horrid smelling gas. I am only 42 years old. I do not want to live like this.

I too suffer from this horrible disease. I cannot control my gas at all. Its depressing me beyond belief. At work people are always talking about me. I reek of foul fecal matter all the time. No matter how much I wipe its still there. I'm a 30 year old male. It just doesn't make sence. I'm not gay and have never had anything but a bath towel near my rectom so I don't know why my sphincter muscle does not listen to my brain anymore. I don't know what to do. Driving in cars and flying is impossible. I just don't know what to do. How can this be. I know how you feel. This will be difficult to overcome.