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4.5 week follow up on PPH Surgery

It's been four and a half weeks since the PPH surgery. Not needing the Depends anymore, no leakage or blood. Bowel movements are fine. My sleep cycle is still disturbed, get up at 4:30am, but not because of pressure or pain or bm need (just did that for so many weeks, maybe body still remembers it). I still have the discomfort of hemorrhoid pain, still swollen. There is still flesh outside of the anus, which is uncomfortable, retains some fecal material, rubs when I walk. My surgeon is "hopeful" that it will recede as the swelling continues to improve. She wouldn't answer question on whether this will need to be addressed surgically. I used to have prolapse, but it would stay "inside" except for bms. This is outside, too swollen to push inside. To me, this is worse than prior to the surgery. I'm back to work, uncomfortable to sit for more than an hour at a time. Only treatment for this according to doctor is use of ice packs to reduce swelling and keep feet elevated as much as possible. She says I can begin to exercise upper body, and abdominals (unless painful). Can't really do cardio, as the protruding flesh makes it uncomfortable. I'm feeling pessimistic, that the surgery hasn't really helped anything, but still hopeful that in a few more weeks some miracle will happen and all will be well. Not sure if I would have been better off with the conventional surgery, don't think it would have been significantly more painful or disruptive than this one has been.