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Re: electric shocks = occipital neuralgia?

I'm so amazed to find your post, I truly thought I was the only person on the planet who suffered from these headaches, which I always called "electric headaches" because that's what it feels like, being jolted with a hot electric prod. I get them on my right side above my ear, and when they start, nothing and I mean nothing stops them. I've tried advil, aleve, (naproxin), and even percocet. I haven't tried muscle relaxants though. Usually time takes care of it. But it keeps me from sleep even, since the jolts are intermittant and unrelenting.
Is this what you experience?
I never knew what they were called but knew that it had to be a nerve acting up, since it wasn't your standard run of the mill tension headache or even migraine, these are way worse!
My husband has neuropathy (which is why I'm on this board) and takes neurontin for the pain. I may try that and see if it helps.

They usually come out of the blue, sometimes, just turning my head around fast will trigger it! Once I get the first "jolt" I'm in for the ride until it's over.

Well, just wanted to reply that you are not alone and thanks for giving a name to this awful malady!

If you find out anything that works let me know and I'll do the same,take care,