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Re: Fatty Liver

Okay, i had the whole series of bloodwork done. I'm relieved to know my blood work was perfectly fine. So what does that mean? My doctor said not to worry. So I guess I just have a fatty liver and an enlarged spleen. Do I have to do anything or worry? I mean I sure am glad there was nothing wrong serious...........I dont drink and I am not losing weight. I have the thickness around the stomach area that you talked about. I just find the medical profession so weird.

I had an MRI before and it showed an uncharacterized cyst on my right kidney pole. When they did an ultra sound, they find two cysts, one on each ovaray and nothing on the kidneys. They're fine. But when the did the ultra sound on the stomach they found this thing now, but the blood work if fine. Talk about mood swings and worry.