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New development

Well, y'all, nothing ever stays the same, does it?

I went to give daddy supper last night, and found him clad in only his undershorts. This is a meticulous man who is ALWAYS dressed "to the nines", and when I asked him where his clothes might be, he answered, "All over". I really don't know why he took his clothes off. Weird.

So we are sitting at the table, eating grilled salmon in lemon butter sauce (I cook like a crazy person for him - anything to get him to eat), and he looked at me and said, "So, who ARE you?" He knows I am familiar. He knows we have known each other a long time. But my name escapes him, and our relationship is a mystery. So, I got the 5x7 framed picture of him and mom at their 50th anniversary, set it in front of him, and said, "Do you know these people?"

Y'all, he had not the foggiest notion. I asked him if he's ever been married. He said, "No." So I explained that the picture was of him and mom. He did not know her name, nor that she's been gone 4 years.

This freaked me right the hell out. After I told him that HE was my dad, and that woman was my mom, I said, "So. Do you know who I am now?" and he said, "No." I told him I was his daughter. Deb. And he was my father. His reply? "The HELL you say!" Of course, 15 seconds later (no exaggeration), he had no idea who I was, who that woman was, nor did he recognize a picture of himself.

Is this typical? I suspect some sun-downing is going on, as he is much much much more confused at supper than he is at breakfast. And the confusion starts sooner in the day. By noon now, he is pretty much in the dark, and by 3, he is really confused.

Also. He gets up around 8 now, naps off and on till noon, eats lunch, naps off and on till 4, eats supper and goes to be around 5. Sleeps all night. Is this typical stage 6 behavior? He is often moody now, too. Gets so mad because the neighborhood children play outside after school. I just listen, and never tell him that children are supposed to play outside, even though I want to.

Colorado winters are harsh. It will be a new adventure trying to keep him IN, WARM, SAFE and ALIVE through the winter months. I am not looking forward to it.

I am truly over my head, I think. I made appt with doc to get some assistance on board - a gait belt, a PT, a nurse, etc, and for me? Chardonnay. Chocolate. and 4,842 of Deb's towels. It will be snowing here within the month - I will send snowballs to y'all.

Thanks, you wonderful angels.

...lil' deb

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