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Re: New development

You're right of course, Martha. It's becoming a challenge. Not a physical one as much as a mental one. I live in a world where if someone is nude, there is a likely reason for it. He lives in a world where taking off ones clothes is just something to do.

I think honestly, if I really examine my motives, the reason he is not in a facility right now is because I know he still enjoys his recliner, his fat stupid dog, his own bed...but he is enjoying it less and less. This morning, he strung together six entire words at the same time. He said, "Damn. I wish I could talk." Therein lies the bottom line reason I have not placed him elsewhere - he seems to KNOW that he cannot communicate, function, walk, etc. I am waiting for the moment - the nanosecond that I realize that he is no longer "in there". I believe he still is, and it would be so so so so sad for him. He would feel betrayed and miserable.

I may be all wet, too. He may not be in there at all. But I know he is aware, when he can't communicate, spills food on himself, sleeps all the time, and it totally pisses him off. Will there come a time when he no longer is aware?

And I saw on another post that I believe it was you that said that end stage 6 leaves only months to live, rather than years. Dad is firmly in the middle, and shuffling off to the end of stage 6. I really hope (and I don't want this to sound ugly, but it might) that he does NOT have years to live. As the progression moves on, does it move faster? Seems like he was stage 3 for 2 years, and stage 5 for 9 months, and now is just motoring through stage 6. Is it your experience that the downhill decline picks up speed?

Time to go feed him. Thanks, Martha. I sure appreciate your viewpoints.

...lil' deb