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Re: New development

Dear Deb.....
So much to go through huh?
It's strange, this things about the "clothes" grandma is the opposite. All her life she was a very proud and private woman....never ever would change in front of everyone. And now here her two "sons" are taking her to the washroom and bathing her, etc. I know in the past, on those rare moments that she comes "back"....she says to my mom........"I've lost all my dignity". It would break your heart. There are times when she calls her son by a different name, and I think it's her way of disassociating her "son" with the man who is taking her to the washroom. Maybe it's her little mind's way of dealing with it, I dont know.
My grandma has always begged uncle to never admit her to a nursing home. Sadly though, even grandma is getting now to the stage where she doesnt know where she is, even in her own home. Most days now, when she goes to the washroom, because she still knows when she needs to the time she goes to the washroom, on the way back down the hall, she doesnt know where she is. Sometimes she knows my uncle, sometimes she doesnt. What a hideous illness. And I think this must be torture to witness your loved one go through this......
I believe honestly if my uncle could find somewhere that he felt was a caring place, that he now after all this time would consider placing her. But unfortunately, where he lives, he has not come across such a place. He at least has been talking about "after", and where he will live, when grandma is gone. This is "huge" for him.....because up to now, he has always been in denial when talking of her passing. I think it's important for him to have accepted this.......god bless him. My biggest fear is that he is alone with her, when she passes. For all he's given her, I hope and pray to God he has someone with him for support when it happens.

I live in we have tons of snowballs up here friends!!!

Love, Caroline xo