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Re: hyperthyroidism treatment options

Hello Lynn, I had have Graves was dx in March of 2007, 5x max on all labs, tried Tapzole, tolerated for awhile, my endo was by the TSH numbers, so when I got into remission and I was screaming at him that I didn't "FEEL" any better and he suggested a psychiatrist, I quit taking anything at all. Within 4 months, my Graves incl, the GO was back 100%. I had a thyroidectomy last Thursday and am sitting here trying to figure out what to do now. The surgery was not that bad, lasted 2.5 hours, I had a great surgeon at stanford, was in the hospital for 48 hours and am currently not taking any pain medication. I was VERY hyper when I went into surgery, so I was expecting more complications, who knows, maybe thery are coming, but I would not worry so much about the surgery it is a good solution. Now the hard part. gettting stabilzed on the meds.