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Re: vestibular hypofunction/BPPV

wanted to express my sympathy, I have suffered from labyrinthitis now for some months and when I have a serious attack I cannot move for 5 hours. I haven't done all the tests to find out exactly what causes it. And from what I gather from this website, it may be useless anyway.
But I seem to understand some "patterns" to my illness. It gets triggered when I move my head (like doing abdominals by lifting head, or turning head as in dancing), when I get too tired (long bicycle trips under the sun), when I get stressed or do not eat properly.

In any case, I would like some feedback on healthy living, I don't think this is provoked by any food, alcohol or something like that but I seem to notice that when I'm really taking care of myself, it doesn't appear or is less serious.

The terrible thing it does to you, anyway, is the way you are isolated from others. I no longer feel like going out, doing things, I'm afraid to travel...

Anyone have some ideas about climate and dizziness? Meaning, hot, damp, cold weather?