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Embarrassing question

I have never asked this of anyone else, even my doctor...but, I'm beginning to wonder if this may be contributing to DH and I having difficulty conceiving. Well, here goes. How common is it to "leak" some of partner's sperm after intercourse. I just about always, inspite of how long I lay still after BMS, will have some come back out when I get out of bed. It makes sense to me to have some leakage, but I worry if I'm losing too much preventing us from getting pregnant.

DH & I have been TTC ~16 months now. My OB/GYN has done lab tests with me taking Clomid to ensure I'm ovulating. My thyroid and other hormone levels were normal. DH has had an "excellent" SA per my OB/GYN. From what we've had checked so far there appears to be no reason why we shouldn't be conceiving. I've had a failed pregnancy @ 6 weeks in a previous relationship, but DH has never actively TTC.

Our next step will be an HSG if we don't get PG this month. BTW, I'm 34 and DH is 37. Please forgive me for asking about this as I realize it may be gross to some, but I'm really beginning to wonder if this could be our problem. If so, is it worth embarrassing myself in front of my doctor by bringing it up?

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