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Re: painful itchy forearms without rash

Potts, I've recently heard of something in the enzyme therepy area that is quite new to the U.S. but has been in about 5 other countries for up to 30yrs. There are all kinds of studies done.

There are name brands out there, but the base product is from the 'silk worm', this is what you want to look into further.

One of the fantastic things they found is that it cleans dead proteins from the blood. Like a blood purifiyer.

It's the substance that the silk worm makes that comes from the siliva that disovles their cocoon when their ready to hatch.

It does it great job of eating up fibers that we have in the body, scar tissues, inflammation(that is huge to get rid of any inflammation!)

I was just thinking it may be an excellent thing for you to check into, it's not suppose to interact with medications at all, even in high doses.

The warning is that if your a bleeder and on Vit K to treat it, You'll have to work with your doctor closely and watch for thinner blood or bleeds that don't stop easy.

Any one that takes this stops taking it 2 days before and after a surgery, then began taking it again and it helps inflammation.

There are post in some of the natural and vitamin boards to check out too. You know I'm thinking this is something that most people would benifit from. Good luck to you.