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Exclamation grandmal seizure?

I am 54 years old and in august was taken by ambulance after having what my daughter said was a seizure. I had be having a tremendous amount of stress prior to the event. I was having problems for months with my speech stopping in mid sentence. The morning of the event I felt alot of stress, my daughter came in to visit and I told her I felt bad. She said I had a shake that started at my head and stopped at my feet. She took me in and sat me on the couch. I don't remember anything after this point. She said both of my arms bent at the elbows and made a fisted claw and and both legs well pointed with my toes pointed, they were moving together up and down, my legs were beating against the table, my head fell backwards and came up and down. This happened for about 2 minutes. My eyes were shut and my mouth open with gurgling noises in the back of my throat like I was foaming. She told me I woke up for a minute afterwards and told her how tired I was and fell asleep and started snoring. She tried to wake me up but couldn't. After about 5 mins of sleeping I was very confused and agitated. I didn't know my last name and what had happened.
They took me by ambulance to the hospital. They did an EEG that showed what they called "no denying periods of rhythmical changes that looked like generalized seizure activity with slowing that could be metabolic encephalopathy or epileptical". They sent me home with keppra and I went back in one day later with the worst headache I have ever had with intractible vomiting. This turned out to be a migrane.
I followed up last week with a neurologist that hadn't seen any of my test and I didn't know to bring them but shocked me when he said he thought it wasn't a seizure as I had my mouth open and didn't wet my self. I did have to urgently go to the bathroom as soon as I was able to walk. He also didn't think it was a seizure because my muscles weren't sore.
I was floored.......... I'm wondering if I could get feed back with anyone that had a grandmal seizure, had their mouth open, didn't feel sore and didn't wet themselves.
I appreicate any feedback that I could get with regards to this. I'm thinking of getting another opinion.
BTY, my phosphorous level was low with the seizure. I don't drink alcohol. my liver enzymes on admission were normal until they gave me anticonvulsants. They went back down after a week.

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