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Re: grandmal seizure?

First of all I want to thank you for your kind response, it is really nice to know others are out there that can identify.
He also said that I was out of the age bracket for a seizure, although, when I was in my 20's I had an eeg that was abnormal and the dr. thought it was petit mal or some type of epilepsy.
This doctor said all grandmals close their mouth and bite their tongues. Mine was open, according to my daughter, but she thinks I wasn't breathing for a minute as I was gurgling sputum in the back of my throat.
I guess thetr are all kind of seizures, I think he's thinking it was a stress type of deal. He mentioned that. I was under the assumption if it was a stress seizure that my eeg would have been normal. They were both abnormal. The second one after I was given, dilantin and tegretol showed difuse slowing.
This is so difficult, I can't remember most things, having lots of problems with short term memory and nothing of my whole 3 day hosp stay.

Thanks again for helping