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Re: Excessive daytime sleepiness anyone ??


Thanks for your response...personally, I don't rely too heavily on the "weight" of replies. I've read the boards for about 2 years now and "themes" come and go depending on who's posting.

Also, it's important to note that people with sleep disorders aren't aware that they have sleep disorders and often post on other boards thinking it is another condition causing their problem. So please don't give up on the thread...I haven't....but I haven't taken the time to do the research...YET!!

Again, I really appreciate the information you are bringing to the topic...I've been blaming my sleepiness on my apnea, but I really have nothing that confirms that it I really want to learn more.

Take care! I'd like to talk later.


PS Despite being sleepy during the day, do you get a second wind at night??