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Re: Hypothyroid and PCOS - Do they go together??

There are several of us on here that have PCOS or PCOD and thyroid disease.

At my age now they call it Insulin resistance but I knew many years ago I had a mild form of PCOS......luckily it was mild. I am on Janumet now twice a day and it has made a huge difference in how I feel..

My PCOS was mild but it was there.....

I probably have had thryoid issues for years but have been symptomatic for the last 7 years and on medication the last 2 years......I also have a multinodular goiter....

In PCOS you will see high triglyerides and lipids , weight gain around tummy, inability to lose weight, irregular periods or periods without ovulation....sometimes more than normal body hair, high blood pressure, low magnesium, difficulty in getting pregnant, fatigue, depression and mood swings........ Many of these symptoms are also present in thyroid issues. I could not figure out why I did not feel better when treated for hypothyroidism but it turned out when treated for insulin resistance I felt 100% better........I am being treated for both now........amazing how much better I feel...... and my cholesterol and triglycerides are normal for the first time in 20 years....

Let us know what is going on with you.....

My Endo feels there is a connection........ Oleander