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Re: hand cramping +declining penmanship

It sounds like you have dystonia in your hand, and possibly your eye muscles. Writer's cramp, despite the common name, is a form of dystonia. There are several medical treatments available to help deal with the symptoms and relax the muscles affected. The doctor you'd want to see would be a neurologist, preferably one who specializes in movement disorders. I don't know if the thigh pain is related, but it's possible, and after examining you, the specialist will probably be able to determine if all of your problems (including the hiccups) are interrelated.

Might I ask how old you are? Just thinking about your problems, made me realize that the dystonia symptoms also overlap with Parkinson's, although Parkinson's very rarely affects people under 40s. If you are purely experiencing dystonic symptoms, like it sounds like you are, Parkinson's isn't likely. A movement disorder specialist treats Parkinson's too, so again, they are your best bet. Don't get freaked out by my mention of Parkinson's though, I'm just giving you my thoughts, which could be COMPLETELY wrong.
I have an extremely rare form of dystonia affecting my entire body from head to toe (especially my toes!), so I know what you are going through! Please keep us updated on what you find out. I hope you get some answers and relief soon.

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