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Re: Would like some advice about Bone Marrow Biopsy results

Thank you both so much for the replies.

I was sent to a rheumatologist, she ran a lot of blood work checking for hepatitis, sjorgens, RA and lupus. Everything was in normal range except the things listed above in my first post and my complement 3 and 4 levels were real high but she didn't know what would cause that, i guess they're usually real low in lupusand that's what she was focused on. My crp level was also high, another inflamation marker. She suspected I had spondylaropathy, did an mri of my lower back and said it was fine and sent me on my way. Ha! So I don't know.

I get another blood work up with the hematologist in January and i'm scheduled for an ERCP and colonoscopy next tuesday to check for bleeding, as well as chrons and/or celiac disease. If nothing is found i'm done. I guess i'll just drag my way through life like i've become accustomed to until something that's more obvious to the doctors happens.

Again, thank you both for the replies. I feel kind of bad writing on this board, I am very thankful to not have gotten the diagnosis all of you have had, and I didn't think the docs were fooling me or anything. I just knew you've all had experience with bone marrow biopsies and I was really looking for answers back in July.