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Re: hand cramping +declining penmanship

Thank you for responding. What I read last night was looking like dystonia. I saw a neurologist a couple of years ago for my eyelids and she was bewildered by what was happening. I have been thinking about seeing someone again. My hand is really bothering me. I really have problems with 3's and 5's. The loops kill me. Anything I have to concentrate on writing with fine motor skills I am having problems with.

I am 39, I will be 40 next April. I don't know anything about Parkinson. I fell down my stairs 2 years ago and was told I tore 2 ligaments in my ankle-there are times when my ankle tenses up and it is excruciating. Thank you for recommending a neurologist that deals with movement.

My mother thought it was possibly my arthritis (my hand) until I told her it is affecting other parts of my body. I will keep you posted on what happens. Thanks again.